viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008

Sobre los favoritos (#1)

Es un artículo de y pensé que quería tenerlo acá para volver a él.
Sobre todo en estos días que todo el tiempo tengo en la cabeza la importancia de tener cosas favoritas. Luego voy a volver a este tema. Es importante.

Column: Poptimist #15

What's Your Favorite Album?
By Tom Ewing

David Bowie's Scary Monsters is the first album I can remember calling my favorite. I came late to albums-- at 11 or 12 it seemed weird to me to buy a record where you didn't know you'd like everything on it-- and I only really started to think about them because I realized that's how the other kids at school were relating to music, and I wanted to fit in. So having a favorite album was always a social thing to me, never purely a representation of enjoyment.

I might be unusual in that but deep down I don't think so: "What's your favorite record?" is a question you get asked, a statement you make, more than a private consideration. Like a lot of kids I would spend time in my room making lists of favorite this and that but it was always with one mind's eye on the social world: getting my ideas straight before they were tested. Once an older, unbridgeably cool boy discovered one of my lists-- I was mortified at first, then proud: He hadn't heard of the House of Love. My private list had opened a social door I had no idea could be opened.

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