viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008

New beginnings

I'm just getting here. The city was rainy and cold, but today is sunny and kind. Let's see what the weekend has to offer.

In the meantime, this is what the stars have to say and it sounds good for me:

"Today you will find it easy to be yourself. However, you should work alone and for your own benefit. It is not that you are feeling hostile or resentful of others becoming involved in your work, but that you do not want to be dependent upon others for support or encouragement. Your life is no doubt filled with projects that you have begun at various times. You may not always be aware of their significance, and you may be acting quite unconsciously in some ways, but these projects are important nevertheless. Now is a good time to take stock of them and to examine what state they are in. If you must make new beginnings in your life to adjust imbalances that have developed, this is the time to do it. Otherwise put most of your energy into firming up the activities you are presently involved in."

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