viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

pillow dictionary

A euphemism (q.v.) for a tutor in a foreign language or languages who, as the term implies, give tuition in bed. A term more commonly used by men of women than vice versa. Those who practise hypnopaedic techniques use a different kind of dictionary.

*Found in The Penguin Dictionary of Litetary Terms and Literary Theory, by J.A. Cuddon.
Please, please, take notice of the last sentence. Is this a joke Mr. Cuddon? Did you really think you had to make this clear? I'm just giving you some credit by thinking you're fucking around with readers. Great Oxford humor, no doubt. Just made my day.

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Carolina Andújar Córdoba dijo...

That was hilarious. Since you're on the subject, I thought that the movie that shares the title with your post was going to be dreadful but I actually liked it a lot.
Have you ever tried pillow dictionaries?
Hope you're feeling better!

ángela cuartas dijo...

Y el mío, jajaja.

CarolinaVK dijo...

Caro, Cabin Fever? That movie? Jajaja. Nooo. I don't mean to laugh, you like what you like... actually I might like it too, who knows.

I tried a polish pillow dictionary, but only for a week and only got to know how to say strawberry in polish, which isn't very useful. I'm trying to get a German one, but it's hard when you look like a local. Anyway...

I'm feeling better, yeap, thanks. I'm actually liking the country... with cows and all. How's the other blog coming along? I hope I'm getting invited soon. Can't wait.

Un abrazo.

Angela, tú tienes dos diccionarios: el del blog y del la almohada, jiji.

ángela cuartas dijo...

Jajajaja, ridícula, jajaj. Quería decir que made my day too. Pero es verdad lo de mis diccionarios. Ve, me encanta que los comentarios también sean ideas temporales, me conviene tanto!!! Aunque acá nunca siento eso, tu blog despierta buenas cosas.

ángela cuartas dijo...

Quiero decir que acá nunca comento cosas que después ya no piense o no quiera haber dicho, generalmente me divierto muy sanamente con tus ideas temporales y las de los demás. Caro, poné imágenes. Te debo una respuesta.

CarolinaVK dijo...

Voy a poner imágenes sí. Hay algunas en Flickr, si quieres ver. También tengo que escrbir el mixed tape de esta semana. Pucha, ya no me queda tiempo.

Carolina Andújar dijo...

Caro, ¿"Cabin fever"? Sorry, I meant "the Sleeping Dictionary", hahahaha. I have terrible taste in movies, anyway. Whenever I recommend a movie everyone hates it. The Sleeping Dictionary had me crying like a moron (you really have to see it mate, it's so sappy and cute).

I think pillow dictionaries are the very best way to absorb a language. Don't give up. You'll master sauerkraut in less than four days ;)